Rebecca’s 3 ‘P’s’ for a happy ‘T’


1. Probiotics
Probiotic supplements and foods that contain probiotics are essential for a happy tummy because we have 400 to 500 hundred different types of bacteria in our colon and when this becomes imbalanced you may get symptoms such as diarrhoea, stomach cramps, bloating and a sense of anxiety. The ‘bad’ bacteria can begin to overgrow and cause these unwanted symptoms if we consume too much sugar, gluten, processed food, caffeine and alcohol. Stress also is a major contributing factor as a cause for tummy woes and of course stress causes emotional eating that results in wrong food choices which feed the baddies in our colon. So, as maintenance a daily dose of a probiotic supplement will help maintain the balance and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, live yogurt and kefir will help keep the good bacteria topped up. Add a good quality probiotic, live yogurt or kefir to your green smoothies and enjoy all the goodness.

2. Protein
I recommend that you have a good source of protein with every meal to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Protein will keep the hunger pangs at bay and reduce your cravings which hinder your goals. So start the day with a protein fuelled breakfast so that you are ready to conquer the day and won’t have a sugar dip immediately after the school run! Also by having protein at every meal you will also be supplying your muscles with the necessary amino acids needs to build and repair especially if you have been exercising and rushing around looking after little ones. The more protein in your tummy the happier it’ll be and the less likely you will be to succumb to the snack attacks!

3. Perfect for you
Eat the foods that will optimise your health and wellbeing. We a constantly bombarded with the best next weight loss plan, the quick fix and the super fat burning pill that will melt any unwanted fat but one ‘product’ will not suit all. The key to maintaining a healthy weight and your health is to eat the foods that are perfect for you and what suit your tummy, not what ‘diet’ worked for the celebs or your friend. When you eat the foods that your body tolerates any weight loss will become a natural happy side effect. Your tummy will become happier and flatter. Focus on increasing your energy levels so that you can exercise and release those feel good hormones by eating the foods that keep you energised rather than the ones that leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

If you would like to find out what foods are perfect for you then have a food intolerance test. Knowledge is power, so if you know how to keep your tummy happy you’ll be happy. 80% of our immune system is based in our digestive system so if you eating foods that aggravate your tummy you cannot expect to be functioning optimally. You wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car and expect it to get you very far and we are similar. I am currently fructose free, not because fruit is not a nutritious food sources because obviously it is, but because fructose was leaving me tired and with digestive symptoms I’d rather not have. I am now two weeks fructose free and am starting to feel better. This exclusion will not be forever and I will slowly reintroduce some fruits once I feel that my digestive system is working as it should.

If you would like to find out what foods are perfect for you or have a specific tummy problem such as IBS please go to: for more details. When you get in touch please quote EBB-Blog1 for 10% off a food intolerance test or your initial consultation*.

Keep that tummy happy

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