Are you too tired to exercise?

Exercise, it has to be done but a recent study in 2015 by the British Heart Foundation found that only half of the British adult population do it. In addition, it was reported that one in five adults don’t feel fit enough to exercise and brits are reported to have the lowest fitness levels in Europe. Yikes, these stats are not good for so many reasons. We all know why we need to exercise so why don’t we or at least why do only half of the population in the UK exercise? This psychological lack lustre attitude so many of us have towards exercise needs to be addressed to help people overcome what is holding them back.

In my experience when discussing with clients the things they have done to manage their weight in the past involve some form of deprivation and very little exercise. This deprivation strategy won’t produce favourable long term results but a healthy balanced plate and attitude to exercise will.

So why don’t you want to exercise? Clients tend to present several common reasons that are holding them back such as:

‘There’s not enough time in the day’ ‘I’m just to tired’ and ‘It hurts’.

These are very justifiable reasons and I put my hands up I’m not the gym bunny I was pre motherhood but another way to look at this one is, am I putting my needs at the back of this list? For sure I am! However, it needs to stop. From the 1st February to the 7th, I wrote the ‘Self-Appreciation Challenge’ for this very reason, so many of us put ourselves way down on the list and it’s not healthy.

Another reason why exercise is that the bottom of your list maybe due to negative memories associated with exercise. Where you picked last as a team member? Do you suffer with asthma and find running really tough going? Did you fear the water and have a stomach ache every morning on swimming lesson days? I know I did! Whatever your reasons, I can help you address what is holding you back, support you to work through them and motivate you to exercise. Exercise shouldn’t be a ‘no pain, no gain’ process it should be enjoyable and will keep your body healthy, reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, lift your mood, increase your energy levels and so much more.

Here are a few tips on how to change your exercise mindset:

  • Take part in exercise that you enjoy. If you consider exercise more of a punishment than a pleasure you need to take part in an activity that you consider to be fun. Some people prefer a team based sports whilst for others putting on their headphones and having a jog is their preferred time out from their hectic lives. So, take some time and take advantage of the free trial sessions many classes, gyms and groups offer until you find the ‘one’ that suits you the most.
  • Don’t set a final goal. Exercising is part of the journey so once you start exercising enjoy the process of getting fitter and ultimately healthier. Smaller goals are a good motivation but the bigger goals can hinder progress if they feel unachievable.
  • Strive to make progress not for perfection. So if you are at the back of a Zumba class busting some free style moves, high five! You are there and you are moving!
  • Celebrate! Celebrate achieving the smaller goals such as getting outside for a 20-minute walk 4 times in one week, or completing the couch to 5K challenge.
  • Make necessary dietary changes that suit your body. Moving your body and burning calories is not an excuse to consume more empty calories. Move, eat and nourish your body in an holistic manner. Eat foods that will enhance your health and well being and allow you to achieve those smaller goals more easily.


You are worth taking good care of.

If you would like support to be more motivated to exercise then call me on 07736431388 or email to book your Exercise Motivation Mindset session with 10% off until the 30th April 2016 please quote EXERCISE16 when booking.

Look forward to motivating you!
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