February is just around the corner and 2016 in full swing. How are the goals going? If you have been feeling a little deflated this month it may well be down to the Full Moon energies alongside the typical post-Christmas and New Year anti-climax. This has got me thinking that we all need a little bit of pampering and self-appreciation in the coming month so that we can begin to raise our energy levels higher. So, this month I am setting you a Self-Appreciation Challenge. This challenge isn’t about massaging our egos but about recognising that if we are no good to ourselves then we are no good for anyone. I think Monday 1st February is a good a day as any and here are the details of the challenge:

Day 1: Stop any kind of comparing yourself against others. You are unique and imperfectly perfect as you are so for today give thanks for all the things you like about yourself. You could even go that step further and write them down.

Day 2: Write down 3 things that you did well today. The ‘things’ don’t have to be massive pieces of art or 5000 word essays, they could simply be making that amazing cuppa or staying calm before leaving the house when your children are taking their socks off when they should in fact be putting their shoes on!

Day 3: Affirm an Affirmation. Create a statement and repeat it throughout the day, such as ‘I have plenty of energy to get everything I want to do today done.’ or ‘I make food choices that will enhance my health.’ Affirmations are a great way to shift your mind set and help bring your more into alignment with your health and life goals.

Day 4: Move. Exercise is the most under used anti-depressant. The dark mornings and evenings can make exercise feel like just one extra thing that needs doing but do it! Move your body in a way that suits you, maybe a nice long walk, cycle, Pilates or yoga.

Day 5: Listen to your body’s messages. What are you feeling? What do you need? What are you craving and why? What do you need to do to feel good today?

Day 6: Do something relaxing today, whatever relaxing means to you. This may mean a long soak in a bubble bath or morning with a friend chatting in a coffee shop or a walk up the beautiful Malvern Hills.

Day 7: Practice some mindfulness. Take 10 minutes to complete a guided meditation or listen to a relaxing track that will allow you to get some ‘zen’ time. Don’t worry if your thoughts bombard you, just acknowledge them and ask them to move on for now. Your body and brain will thank you.

I hope that you enjoy the challenge and I will post the reminders on Facebook and please do let me know how you get on.

An extra challenge will take place on February 14th because Valentine’s Day is all about the love, this challenge is to show appreciation for someone else and pay it forward, I’m not just talking about partner I’m thinking further afield. On this day what will you do to make someone feel special, wanted and loved will you donate to charity? Will you donate some books to a charity shop? Will you call someone who you know needs some company? Acknowledge others on February 14th and raise the love in the air even higher!

Healthy Blessings

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