It’s the start of a new year

Are you setting goals? Setting goals it is a major part of the work that I do in order to get focus, clarity and measurable results. I think goals have their place in our daily, weekly and monthly lives. New Year’s resolutions, on the other hand, are typically set in January and only ever achieved by 8% of the people who set them. Whilst it is important to look back and reflect to allow for growth completing this on a yearly basis is quite a big task for many of us. A few years ago I started a gratitude diary and each night I write 3 things that I am grateful for ranging from a summer’s breeze to dry the washing right through to opportunities that come my way and of course I’m grateful for my clients for allowing me to share in their journey. So, my suggestion to you is to start a gratitude diary if you haven’t already done so and think about what are you grateful for? Celebrate all of the great things that you have achieved and accomplished. Really feel that sense of achievement and take that with you through to the new year.

I look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Healthy Blessings

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