I am quitting the white stuff, no not the shop, that can stay in my life it’s getting chillier and they have nice sweaters! I am quitting sugar more than I already have, I am going to be fructose free for at least a month. I try to be mindful of what I eat day to day and I do allow myself foods that don’t always contribute to overall wellness but hey I am human, but lately I have been very busy and this is the ultimate test to anyone’s nutritional plan. Consequently, I am grabbing and going and grabbing foods such as fruits and those not so healthy ‘healthy’ bars, you know the ones, they are packed with dried fruits and a nut! My food choices are making me feel tired and sluggish so I am taking my nutritional plan to the next level and cutting out all fruits. Fruit isn’t bad for you but when it forms the basis for a main meal the sugar content or more to the fact the fructose is way too much. Fructose messes with your immune and digestive system and this imbalance is not what anyone needs when they are busy. A month or so is what I want to reset my body and palate. This will be a challenge and I am sure it will create cravings and some underlying emotional issue that hasn’t yet been dealt with but luckily I know a few tricks of the trade to get me through this. Quitting any food can potentially peel back another layer of your metaphorical onion and reveal some of your truths so I will also be using the 30 day to embrace personal growth and strength. I have committed this to paper so I will keep you posted on my progress. But for now let there be tea and let it flow!
This is my fruit bowl and I shall say – bye for now.