With the summer holiday season upon us and the social event invitations coming thick and fast do you avoid or indulge?

Some diets advocate ‘cheat’ days, I personally, am not fan of the concept of ‘cheat’ days. To cheat evokes guilt (in most of us!) because cheating by default is not following a set of rules. I am not suggesting that you always follow rules either, my argument is for balance.

I dbreadon’t have cheat meals, but I do have foods that are not always contributing towards enhancing my health optimally. I may go crazy and have a wheat-based bun at a BBQ and a second glass of wine (hold your gasps!) I am human and I have a social life and whilst I am perfectly happy to be labelled as the ‘picky’ or ‘fussy’ one as that is their perception not mine after all, I am also happy to have a little of what I fancy.

So how can you eat bread, cake and ice cream and not feel that guilt and feel like you’ve totally blown your healthy lifestyle? Plan. Plan. Plan. The key is moderation and if you know in advance that you will be attending a social event then think carefully about what you are eating the days before. Occasional foods are perfectly fine if they are occasional.

However, if the occasional foods that you enjoy give you unwanted symptoms, then I am sorry to say avoid them and ask yourself if this food is worth feeling poorly for? If the answer is yes, then you need to address the underlying issues. No food is worth getting sick for, you are worth more than that! If the craving is so intense that you simply cannot resist there are psychological reasons behind that craving, be brave and face them to enhance your well-being and health.

The key is balance. Occasionally, having foods that are not whole foods won’t hinder your progress or destroy your good health and there is no need to restrict yourself and feel like you are missing out. It is the day-to-day meals and snacks that have the most impact so if you are eating foods that your body tolerates, the right portions and exercise then having a crusty roll won’t do too much damage (unless you are gluten intolerant because then it will hurt, please see paragraph 4!).

To eat whole food 100% of the time for most of us just isn’t going to happen. Whereas, to eat whole foods 80-90% of the time is doable and when you obtain a healthy body the foods that you once enjoyed like a Chinese take away become something that you will naturally avoid because of the side effects from a toxic overload on your clean liver are not worth it and let’s face it, the food tastes much the same: oily and salty. Yuck! Agreed?

Please don’t start swimming in the sea of guilt if you do fall off the healthy track, just get back on when you are ready and I can also help if you need support.

Think Balance.

Be Balanced.

Healthy vibes to you throughout the summer holidays.

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