With the Christmas season pretty much upon us for many people it is a time that is tainted with sadness. Grief affects us all at some point in our lives from loss of loved ones through to major life changes and health concerns that leave us feeling hopeless. It is vital to grieve properly and avoid the ‘stiff upper lip’ method because if you do not grieve, to the extent that you truly need to grieve, it will cause health problems both mental and physical. Holding any emotion in to avoid embarrassment or worrying that you should have ‘gotten over it by now’ will begin to manifest physically. Whether your loss was a long time ago or recently you are fully entitled to feel sad.
It is so important that we all deal with our grief from a healthy stance and not a place of avoidance. Time does help you to heal but taking the time to grieve with purpose and focus will help you heal quicker releasing the emotional charge that Christmas and other celebrations and occasions evoke. Everyone is different but here are a few tips to support you through a season that for many of us creates an inner turmoil of emotions.
• Cry: Cry until you can’t cry anymore. Don’t put on a brave face, don’t worry about being judged by others just cry. Holding in the emotion filled tears won’t ease your pain. Crying will release hormones that will start to soothe your pain and provide you with a release.
• Talk: Talk to the people that make you feel better, who you trust and who you can be free with to cry, rant and scream with, and hopefully when that is done laugh with.
• Give your emotions a voice: Greet whatever emotions crop up for you. If you feel angry, notice that you are angry and feel it. Use EFT to pass through anger, shock and sadness. Avoid, medicating your emotions because they will appear physically.
• Take a break: It may feel like an impossible or even selfish task to take time out but it is essential to take care of yourself. Have a bath, meditate, hide away with a cuppa and magazine for an hour. Please don’t feel guilty!
“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.” ― Leo Tolstoy

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With Love and Light

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