I have had the pleasure of coaching the lovely Helen Wheels from Free Radio because she was struggling with her marathon mindset. Helen took on the challenge of completing the London Marathon in April 2016 for St Richards Hospice (should you want to donate to this worthy cause please click on this link: www.justgiving.com/hurstyandhelen) After accepting the challenge the reality struck in and Helen realised that a marathon was no walk in the park! A marathon is not just about your physical abilities but also your mental mindset.

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So what did I do to improve Helen’s mind set and what can you do if you decide to take on a physical challenge.

Release the blocks. If you have mental blocks that are holding you back you need to release them. I used EFT with Helen to get to the root cause of what was making the training feel so draining not just physically but mentally. Although, she wasn’t initially consciously aware she had a fear of failure her sub-conscious knew and we needed to access that part of her thinking. Our sub-conscious runs our show with 85-95% of our thoughts coming from the sub-conscious, it is here that we store memories, feelings and those blocks that are there to keep us ‘safe’. Helen’s fear of failure was holding her back so in order to move Helen forward I needed to get her to acknowledge that voice and release it by using EFT. This process allowed Helen to release a belief that no longer served her.

Imagine, imagine, imagine! Imagine yourself to be an amazing, powerful, motivated runner but be very specific in the image you create. What are you wearing? How are you feeling? What can you see?

Positive Self Talk. Create several affirmations that flip negative self-talk, for example “This challenge is too hard” becomes “This run is easy, I have trained well and I know I will achieve my goal.” You then state your affirmation as much as you can whilst running and whilst brushing your teeth, waiting at traffic lights and waiting for the kettle to boil. The body will achieve what the mind can conceive so start to believe in you.

Visualise the run, the whole run, beginning, middle and end. Visualise yourself at the starting line, the sounds, the sights, the energy in the air. Follow your thoughts to the middle where you maybe handed an energy drink and notice the cheering crowd. Take your thoughts right through to the finishing line, how will you cross it? I’m hoping like Helen you can visualise yourself gliding over it with a real sense of achievement because completing a marathon is a massive accomplishment. Then visualise yourself at home with your friends and family praising you and booking yourself in for a much deserved massage!

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I use a variety of strategies to support people to achieve their goals but don’t just take my word for it here is what Helen has to say:
“I have never been strong in the self-belief department and have only ever taken on things I’ve been comfortable with so accepting a London Marathon place was completely against my principles. Until I met Rebecca I hadn’t truly appreciated the inner turmoil I’d been experiencing and repressing over taking the challenge on, but she enabled me to open up about my fears of failure which even I wasn’t aware ran so deep.
During my session, I experienced a moment of enlightenment and it was so refreshing to be able to openly admit I was worried about failure. Since seeing Rebecca rather than fearing the Marathon and mileage ahead, I can now embrace it as the wonderful opportunity it is for me. I truly feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thanks again for your magical session. Helen Wheels – Free Radio

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If you would like to be more motivated to achieve an exercise related goal then call me on 07736431388 or email Rebecca@everybodybenefits.co.uk to book your Exercise Motivation Mindset session with 10% off until the 30th April 2016 please quote EXERCISE16 when booking.

Look forward to motivating you!

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