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Too Tired To Exercise

Are you too tired to exercise?
Exercise, it has to be done but a recent study in 2015 by the British Heart Foundation found that only half of the British adult population do it. In addition, it was reported that one in five adults don’t feel fit enough to exercise and brits are reported to have […]

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Marathon Motivation Mindset

I have had the pleasure of coaching the lovely Helen Wheels from Free Radio because she was struggling with her marathon mindset. Helen took on the challenge of completing the London Marathon in April 2016 for St Richards Hospice (should you want to donate to this worthy cause please click on this link: www.justgiving.com/hurstyandhelen) After […]

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Seven Day Self-Appreciation Challenge

February is just around the corner and 2016 in full swing. How are the goals going? If you have been feeling a little deflated this month it may well be down to the Full Moon energies alongside the typical post-Christmas and New Year anti-climax. This has got me thinking that we all need a little […]

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The Moon Alignment Approach to Well Being

Diet like a Werewolf!

Is the moon powerful? Yes. Does the moon’s power affect us? Of course!

The moon’s gravity is the force behind the oceans having tidal ebbs and flows. Gallons of water pulled inwards and outwards towards the sand and the rocks of the world’s many beaches, it stands to reason that we […]

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Goals and Gratitude

It’s the start of a new year

Are you setting goals? Setting goals it is a major part of the work that I do in order to get focus, clarity and measurable results. I think goals have their place in our daily, weekly and monthly lives. New Year’s resolutions, on the other hand, are typically set […]

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Towards Inner Peace

With the Christmas season pretty much upon us for many people it is a time that is tainted with sadness. Grief affects us all at some point in our lives from loss of loved ones through to major life changes and health concerns that leave us feeling hopeless. It is vital to grieve properly and […]

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Fructose Freedom

I am quitting the white stuff, no not the shop, that can stay in my life it’s getting chillier and they have nice sweaters! I am quitting sugar more than I already have, I am going to be fructose free for at least a month. I try to be mindful of what I eat day […]

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Cheat Cheat Days!

With the summer holiday season upon us and the social event invitations coming thick and fast do you avoid or indulge?

Some diets advocate ‘cheat’ days, I personally, am not fan of the concept of ‘cheat’ days. To cheat evokes guilt (in most of us!) because cheating by default is not following a set of rules. […]

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