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I can support you internally to achieve your external goals on your journey to optimum health. I will support you by balancing your body and mind using Nutritional Therapy, Kinesiology, EFT and NLP. Together, we will get to the root causes of your symptoms and restore your body’s natural energy flow. By realigning your physical, emotional and spiritual balance it will allow you to embrace life fully, feeling great and looking greater!

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Rebecca Daffeh is a Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach, Kinesiologist and EFT Practitioner blending therapies to help clients achieve their goals and reach optimum health inside and out. Rebecca has a BA (Hons) Psychology, an MA in Education and QTS with experience in teaching children with specific learning difficulties. However, Rebecca’s main interest was how mind-body connections could improve learning after discovering how effective Brain Gym (kinesiology) can be within the classroom and for general well-being. She retrained in holistic health because she is passionate about getting to the ‘root’ cause of people’s pain, cravings, emotions and supporting people to implement positive life changes by aligning their minds and bodies to achieve their goals in health, wealth and happiness.

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“I’ve had such an amazing experience! After having a serious issue with eating jelly sweets and craving them whenever I felt low and like I needed them, I have now not eaten jelly sweets for several weeks and this in unheard off! In fact I’ve not even thought about them… This is thanks to an amazing workshop with Rebecca. Follow on sessions have reduced my stress and got to core issues that affected me emotionally and physically… Aswell as amazing results with these techniques… I learnt so much about my ‘eating style’ and went away with lots of nutritional knowledge…. Eeeek it felt liberating if you’ve ever struggled with diet and understanding why you yoyo and just can’t seem to crack the cravings… This woman is magic and lovely too.”
Sian - Worcester
“Rebecca, thank you so much for your support, you are brilliant and so professional, very warm, caring, helpful and fun! Overall such brill helpful advice and fun techniques to conquer our battles with food! You’ve really helped with my chocolate craving! I look at food in a totally different way now, massive thanks!”
Debbie – Worcester
“Rebecca used muscle testing to identify the foods that were causing me a range of unwanted symptoms. I have been following her nutritional programme that was specific to me and I feel so much better. I have lost ½ stone too which is an added bonus! I really appreciate her guidance and support.”
Damian – Worcester
“Thanks Rebecca for a fabulous night at the tap open your cravings workshop….can’t believe I went home AND LEFT my creme egg!!! Haven’t even thought about creme eggs today, just feeling very calm and controlled. Can’t believe how quickly and how well those techniques work…so glad I came along! Thankyou!”
Sara – Evesham
“I have had stomach problems for over 5 years and in the last few weeks I am pain free, for the first time in a long time. Rebecca did a food intolerance test initially and devised me a great plan, so easy to follow, and yum! I have also addressed some emotional issues, I still have a way to go but I am committed and with Rebecca’s support will get there. Thank you!”
Rachel – Malvern
“What Rebecca does at Every Body Benefits is amazing and honestly beyond my understanding, but boy does it works! I hadn’t heard of Kinesiology before which allows EBB to read your body and understand its tolerances ensuring a personalised plan, but I find it fascinating! Each time I see Rebecca she explains a bit more but I never get information overload. In addition to being able to complete amazing nutritional plans through kinesiology to be able to support nutrition mentally means that EBB has a great full circle approach. Whatever your issue Rebecca can help, mine was a plan to support a change in life style and more energy, my husbands was wellness and weight, both very satisfied customers!”
Hannah - Malvern